Security Officer

    • Job Tracking ID: 512201-766296
    • Job Location: Minneapolis, MN
    • Job Level: Any
    • Level of Education: Any
    • Job Type: Full-Time/Regular
    • Date Updated: May 06, 2021
    • Years of Experience: 2 - 5 Years
    • Starting Date: ASAP
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Job Description:

Position Overview:


The Blake School places great emphasis on ensuring a welcoming and safe environment for all students, staff, community members and visitors.The Security Officer will often be the first impression of the School and therefore it is critical that he/she is always professional, diplomatic, authoritative and dresses appropriately for the role. The role of a Security Officer at the Blake School covers a wide range of tasks including implementing and acting on emergency and safety procedures, car park/traffic control management and the implementation of safety and security tasks. This position provides security for students, faculty, staff and visitors within the campus area. This role will be responsible for surveilling the school in order to protect the campus property, control entry to campus areas, provide information to visitors and guests, assist in maintaining and enforcing security regulations and performing other related duties.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Security Advisor

    • Work with Northrop Security team to develop security activities that students learn through active participation

    • Interact with students both in and out of the classroom

    • Collaborate with Northrop Administrative team on issues related to student and staff well-being

  • Security Access

    • Monitor entrances, gates, exterior doors and prohibit entry of unauthorized personnel on campus.

    • Greet and welcome visitors and guests to the campus.

    • Observe arrival and departure of students, faculty and staff.

    • Ensure only authorized visitors/vendors obtain access to the campus.

    • Ensure visitors are provided with an escort.

    • Secure campus, students and staff by patrolling property; monitoring surveillance equipment; inspecting buildings, equipment, and entry access points..

    • Complete reports by recording observations, information, occurrences, and surveillance activities; interview witnesses.

  • Security Services

    • Observe for signs of disturbances or other security incidents and investigate.

    • Responsible for the implementation of all emergency procedures.

    • Schedule, coordinate, and monitor evacuation, lock-down and severe weather drills.

    • Provide training to staff as necessary.

    • Traffic control at the beginning and end of school day.

    • Conduct safety checks.

  • Special Event Activity

    • Monitor crowds during athletic events and other large gatherings to ensure orderly behavior and a safe environment.

    • Coordinate with law enforcement as needed.

  • Team Participation

    • Demonstrate good teamwork.

    • Provide input for ways to improve procedures and policies.

    • Demonstrate a willingness to pitch in where needed.

General Duties:

  • Record keeping

  • Inputting information into a database of all incidents or violations via the online incident reporting process.

  • Liaison with local first responders

  • Administer First Aid

  • Other duties as assigned

Experience and Skills:

Minimum Qualifications:


  • Prior law enforcement, first responder or security experience

  • Customer service skills - ability to interact with visitors, students and parents in a friendly and professional manner

  • Good verbal and written communication skills

  • Empathetic, with good listening skills

  • Demonstrates attention to detail and good observation skills

  • Ability to be discreet

  • Basic computer skills

  • Ability to remain calm during emergencies and implement emergency procedures

  • First Aid and First Responder trained

  • Strong troubleshooting skills

  • Ability to work flexible hours


  • 7+ years experience as first responder or security

  • In Depth knowledge of security systems

  • Experience in conflict resolution

  • Advanced security and/or first responder training

  • Professional certifications

Essential Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to run short distances

  • Ability to stand for long period of time

  • Ability to lift at least 50 pounds

  • Ability to perform duties in extreme weather conditions.

  • Ability to evacuate school children and adults in emergency situations.

  • Must have visual and auditory observation capabilities

  • Ability to pass physical fitness test.